Company Managers Visit Venezuela and Lara Province

Following previous sessions and a visit to Falegh Sanat Company’s technical capabilities and abilities by a Venezuelan delegation, a group of company managers headed by Dr. Karimi Kashani (chairman of board of directors) and Mr. Mahmoud Kaviani (managing director), visited Venezuela on February 13-22, 2006, to see climatic and regional conditions of Venezuela’s Lara province as well as existing conditions and potentials for constructing an agro industrial complex for production of sugar and byproducts. During the trip, trade negotiations were carried out on the implementation of industrial projects, subject of memorandums of understanding which were signed during the 3rd meeting of Iran – Venezuela Joint Economic Commission in December 2006 and technical proposals were offered to the Venezuelan side.
The negotiations resulted in agreement on design and construction of five plants in Lara province of Venezuela, which include:

1) Building a sugarcane agro industrial complex over an area of about 20,000 hectares including sugar, fodder, MDF, and alcohol production plants as well as establishing 12,000 hectares of mechanized farms along with infrastructural installations, residential complexes for employees of the complex, access routes....

2) A cement plant capable of producing one million tons cement per year;

3) Three recycling units for urban wastes;

4) A plant for producing lime bricks;

5) Increasing production capacity of an existing plant which produces sugar from sugarcane.

According to early estimates, total value of the said projects has been put at one billion dollars. At present, administrative steps for final and official approval of the projects and allocation of needed budget are being taken in Venezuela.

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